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The classic for every day: This rounded watch with many right angles is a masterpiece of straightforwardness. Tangente comes in several versions, colors, and sizes.
from 1680 USD*
The automatic watch that has been collecting prizes and awards for years now. Tangomat is a touch more masculine than Tangente, yet the crucial question remains: to wind or to let it wind itself?
from 2980 USD*
Ahoi from Glashütte – the watch fit for anywhere: mountain walking, bicycle tours, sailing, swimming, flying a kite. With or without date, it’s an elegant timepiece for everyday wear as well.
from 3760 USD*
Combining metropolitan providence with Glashütte precision: Metro with the in-house NOMOS swing system, date and power reserve indicators shows the very finest details.
from 2560 USD*
Well proportioned and decidedly cheery too: Minimatik is the latest model from NOMOS Glashütte—and the first to be powered by the groundbreaking automatic DUW 3001 caliber.
from 3680 USD*
With manual or automatic winding, with date and sapphire crystal back, smaller, larger, light or dark - Club is possibly the most multifaceted NOMOS watch. And the lowest-priced.
from 1500 USD*
Perfect for those who love tradition. And those who want to give themselves a touch of seriousness: Ludwig is a life-long love. With manual or automatic winding.
from 1660 USD*
The professional NOMOS: smart, multilingual, decisive. The Swiss designer Hannes Wettstein created the model Zürich, but the automatic movement inside comes from Glashütte.
from 4180 USD*
The square one rounds out the collection: Some wrists simply look best with Tetra, whether larger or smaller, with or without power reserve indicator. Particularly popular in color, and a bestseller.
from 1960 USD*
Reminiscent of days gone by. Yet this hand-wound watch is more consistent, more elegant, and divinely modern. Orion comes in several colors, in a ladies' version, as well as larger with a date indicator.
from 1920 USD*
Tradition turned into a fine art: Perhaps the most striking watches in the ranks of the new range, Lux can be counted among the very best of what is currently available under the designation “Glashütte”.
from 19500 USD*
Fine watchmaking and the best design: In the Lambda models in rose and white gold ticks a movement with exclusive fine sunbeam polishing, hand-engraved balance cock, and screwed gold.
from 17000 USD*
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