New straps for your NOMOS

Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan
In Chicago, one of the finest leathers in the world is tanned: Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan. Exclusive watchstraps for NOMOS Glashütte are made from a small area on a horses’ back: smooth, thick, and almost indestructible.
from 80 EUR*
Cowhide leather
This naturally tanned leather is produced in Germany, is environmentally friendly, allergen-free, and has been certified numerous times—by the International Association of Natural Textile Industry, for example. It is not only very robust but also ages particularly well.
from 80 EUR*
Velour leather
Fine velour leather in a subtle beige, rich dark brown, and now also in gray as well as anthracite lets small watches appear even finer and particularly flatters delicate wrists.
from 50 EUR*
For the perfect figure (on the beach): Whether blue-black woven, or black braided – the fine textile straps, with NOMOS’ own beautiful winged clasp, master sporting challenges on land, in the water, and of course, in the air as well.
from 50 EUR*
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