• How long are the straps?
    Please find the lengths of the straps below. All lengths are stated without clasps.

    Size XS: long part 95 mm, short part 60 mm
    Size S: long part 105 mm, short part 70 mm
    Size M: long part 118 mm, short part 75 mm
    Size L: long part 128 mm, short part 85 mm
    Size XL: long part 140 mm, short part 95 mm

    What means “width”?
    The lug width is the distance between the watch’s two lugs. The easiest way is to measure this distance on one of your current straps.
  • How long will my NOMOS watchstrap last?
    Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan, the leather that most NOMOS watchstraps are made from, comes from a particular area of a horse’s rump, where the hide is very thick and dense. This leather is extremely durable, water-resistant and breathable. After you’ve been wearing it even for a short time, the strap will become pleasantly soft. As a rule, normal watchstraps last between six and nine months. A NOMOS strap won’t need changing for much longer than that. The delicate velour leather watchstraps, which we put on the ladies’ models from NOMOS Glashütte, are also made from high-quality leather, durable and hardwearing. Also very robust, storm-proof and water-resistant too: the textile strap of our Ahoi models.
  • How should I look after my watchstrap?
    The leather of your Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan strap is so rich that you will never have to oil it. In fact, it requires no specialist care. If after temperature fluctuations, it looks as if it’s been powdered, it’s just oil coming out—which can easily be polished away with a soft cloth. Otherwise, your strap will not need any special care. If you like, you can wash it with a mild detergent and leave it to dry in the air. Then briefly rub it with a cloth until it recovers its shine. You can clean velour leather watchstraps with the sort of brush that you would use for suede shoes or jackets. If you want to.
  • White spots have appeared on my Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan strap. What does that mean?
    If your watchstrap is ever exposed to great temperature fluctuations—on a journey from Greenland to the Sahara, for example—it might possibly look as if it’s been powdered. But the white is merely fat working its way out of the leather and can be easily polished off with a soft cloth. So, not a problem.
  • Are Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan straps the only ones available?
    No. We have also light- and dark-colored velour leather straps, also known as suede. These are usually found on the smaller watches in the NOMOS Glashütte collection, because more delicate timepieces look better with such straps—as do delicate wrists. These straps aren’t quite as hardwearing as the ones from horsehide, but they look great. In addition, there is also a water-resistant textile strap for the Ahoi model, since leather straps aren’t as suitable for going swimming or to the sauna.
  • Can I also get a metal watchstrap or fold-over clasp for my watch?
    Unfortunately not from us. We only supply our watches with leather or textile straps and pin, winged, or buckle clasps.