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Why does NOMOS Glashütte have its own online store?
Because, as a manufacturer, we can focus best on the presentation of our own products. With prices according to our price list, warranty, service, and no frills. So if you have no time to visit a retailer or live in Dingelsdorf or Reichenow, where it’s too far to the nearest dealer, you can order easily by post. And they all come with a warranty booklet stamped in the watch making Mecca of Glashütte.

What does the abbreviation "SA" after NOMOS Glashütte stand for?
It stands for “Saxony,” because in Germany there are 32 places called Glashütte. We haven’t used it in our logo since we introduced the new movements at the beginning of April 2005. We have, however, retained it as additional address information. It also appears on the dials of some individual watches and prototypes because, although they are new and have never been worn, they were actually made prior to 2005.

Is the name “Glashütte” trademarked?
Yes. Not every company based in Glashütte is allowed to write “Glashütte” on its watches. A number of court cases have established the precedent that only companies that produce at least 50 percent of the movements’ value in Glashütte may use the name of the town. This helps everyone: the rulings safeguard jobs in the town of Glashütte and you, the customer, are guaranteed the highest watch making quality, a tradition to which we are committed. NOMOS Glashütte designs, develops and builds its own movements, and the vertical range of manufacture of NOMOS calibers can be as high as 95 percent.

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